How to Stripe a Parking Lot In Texas

How to Stripe a Parking Lot In Texas

Today we are going to discuss very basic  & the process of Frontline Striping a typical parking. Whit this information you can get some help & idea while striping. This is intended to give you an idea of what you will be doing on a typical job.

When you decide to get Front Line Parking Lot Striped then you would definitely need some help. If you decide to do it yourself then you need some machinery like striping machine, blower etc.

Once you have a possession of a Striping Machine then unload it near grass & it would be nice if you have access to water also near the unloading spot.

First Step:

The first thing you will be doing is setting up your trailer for the job & getting ready for the work. Load your striper, paint, etc.. Everything you are going to need from paint to Gatorade is going to be either in the trailer or the back of your truck. If you are forgetting some important items either means a trip back home or a trip to the store. Which you want to avoid at all cost as you don’t want to leave your equipment unattended.

Second Step:

Reach the projected spot & arrive at the job. When you arrive at the job you will have to unload your striper and set up a work area. I like it to be near grass and water if possible. That gives me a place to clean my machine without getting paint on the parking lot & peace of mind. I normally go ahead and fill my striper with paint and run a test line or two as it gives an idea. I also pull out any stencils that I will be using that day or night. Also, get your blower out and gassed up as you do not want to miss to clean the projected spot.


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